characteristics of solar energy

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy, electricity and hot water for sanitary use can be generated from the sun's rays.

  • 18/09/2022 • 20:29

If we talk about renewable energy, solar energy is one of the best known. This type of renewable energy is used both as a source of heat and to generate electricity through the use of solar radiation, which is captured by solar panels, which allow the use of technical energy, and/or by photovoltaic panels, with which We managed to transform it into electrical energy. As there is more and more supply and demand for this energy, you may have thought of contacting a renewable energy company, such as Imagina Energía , and at EcologíaVerde we want to tell you more about the main characteristics of solar energy and why use it

What are the characteristics of solar energy

Solar energy has three basic characteristics: it is clean energy , since it does not emit any type of pollution by itself; it is a renewable energy , because its power is unlimited, that is, it does not run out; and it is a vast energy , given that with 1% of the total solar energy we could supply the entire Earth. However, these are not the only characteristics that define solar energy, there are some more:

  • It is a natural source of energy , since it comes directly from the Sun.
  • It is universal .
  • Large geographical requirements are not required to obtain this type of energy, therefore, it is highly available .
  • The production cost of this energy is low and its installation, although it requires a certain initial investment, is relatively simple.
  • It does not generate noise pollution , that is, it does not produce noise that harms us.
  • It can be combined with other types of renewable energies to supply all the needs in homes and industries.

Solar energy is a fantastic alternative to fossil fuels that usually generate a greater problem and environmental impact, which is why it is defined as a completely ecological and sustainable energy.


Why go solar

Although solar energy is currently in the process of development worldwide, in recent years progress has been made in sustainable energy development , which will allow it to become the energy of the future to allow not only self-consumption in homes, but also in companies that through the installation of solar panels and energy from the network can save while taking care of the planet, reducing their CO2 emissions month after month. Solar energy is part of the energy innovation that has been developed with the economy of companies and their sustainability in mind, making them much more ecological, clean and sustainable .

Using solar energy, then, is to reduce the electricity bill between 25% and 30% by combining the energy from solar panels with the energy from the network. In addition, as if that were not enough, solar energy allows you to take care of the environment , contribute to reducing the effects of global warming and obtain greater autonomy when it comes to obtaining green energy.

By betting on solar energy supplies you will be able to obtain green energy, without this implying an increase in the electricity bill. Therefore, using solar energy will allow you to obtain better and different energy, with which you will take care of the planet while paying less for your energy.

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